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Saturday, 19 March 2011

"Do You Ever Finish Anything?"

A few weeks back I was asked this question and it made me think about other crafters habits...
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has several projects and test pieces on the go at the same time??

I enjoy dabbling in different projects,
testing out ideas,
and making sure that there are no mistakes before I proceed onto
an important piece. Anybody notice what's wrong with the
blackwork below??

Anyhow!! the answer is yes...yes!! I do!!
I so enjoyed knitting this lovely little wraparound top, in the beautiful Sirdar Baby Crofters yarn
I'm knitting a different style cardi in the same yarn..
I admit that sometimes my experiments lead me to a dead end and I suspect these
little devils might be lying at the bottom of my knitting basket for a while..
but this has a home already....
So, what do you do??
Work at one piece until it's complete?
Or, do you, like me, enjoy having several pieces on the go at the same time??
I'd love to hear from you.
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Monday, 14 March 2011


Pheew!! after a rather wet and cold few weeks...the weather went from worse to WORSE last week
we had several days of sleet and snow
but...we are now back on course and the sun is out and we have a beautiful blue blue sky
The colours are stunning and I shall be off on my scooter to see what's about now
in the countryside.
Thanks for everyone who got in contact regarding my 'lost' blog list. As you can see, the majority of you are back where you belong, thank heavens!! Some of you will be joining when I can sort out why I still get a message saying..wrong!
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Friday, 11 March 2011

Bit of a Muddle..

Last weekend I decided it was time to do a wee bit of
tidying on my blog
Sadly, I went a little too far....
and deleted ALL my blog list
ALL those scrummy little reads I look forward to every day
ALL those snippets
of information
of recipes
of hookery
of knitting
of quilting
of photographs....
ALL my bloggy friends
disappeared into the depths of ???
I was mortified...
So, it's taken a 5 days of me muttering and scribbling
I have some more addresses but I keep getting messages saying no, can't !! when I try to enter them.
Anybody out there, who knows I commented on your blog, please, leave me a comment
and I'll happily add you on to my daily read again.

P.S. the photo is of the centre of a wirlygig osteospernam..lovely, isn't it?

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Walk to Milatos Cave....

We drove to Milatos Cave for our walk yesterday.
It's perched high above the hamlet of Milatos, which is on the north coast.
The caves are approximately 200 metres along an old footpath which winds
around the side of a steep ravine.
The sound from the grazing goats and assorted birds is truly magical, echoing through the ravine.
This is delicate white bryony, a poisonous climber.
The hillsides are covered in carob, sage, myrtle and euphorbia.

As we approach the cave entrance it seems unimpressive.
Inside though, it spreads out into a series of caves covering 2100 sq. metres.
In February, 1823, 2700 local inhabitants took refuge here, hiding from
the Turkish troops of Hassan Pasha. They were plundering and pillaging the area.
For 13 days. approximately 150 Cretan rebels fought off the Turks until, starving and desperate the beseiged tried to break out.
They were cut down and massacred by the Turks.
The children were sold into slavery in Egypt and 18 priests were burnt to death.
This church is inside the caves and was built to commemorate this event.
Bones from some of the dead can be seen in this glass-fronted ossuary.
One of the icons in the church.
When I was a member of The Rainbow Choir, we sang here at the commemoration that is held every May.
As we meandered back to the car, we reflected on how such a tragedy could have taken place in such a peaceful spot.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

St. David's Day Walk

We went for a walk this afternoon...on Almyros Beach.
Althought the weather has been pretty dismal for weeks now...rain, rain, rain...it stayed dry today!
I noticed these tiny flowers on the tamarisk trees, so delicate!
......and sea holly popping up, with fresh new shoots.
The sea washes up and leaves tiny shells and slivers of angels' tears, though we don't have tide in the Med. there is a gentle mark.
I also came across a giant sea-monster emerging from the waves!! Happy Birthday Dewi....we've loved having you with us this last 2 years...unbelievable how time flies!!

The island of Crete is inundated with 15,000 Chinese refugees this week..the Greek government sent the ferries, that normally sail between the Greek islands, to Libya. There were also Brits and other nationalities with them. They will be repatriated within a few days and leave...I'm proud this was accomplished without any pomp and palaver.
Take care
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