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Monday, 21 October 2013

Spinning, Plying.....FO. WIP, and, umm, Something Else....

It's been a bit warm to spin with my drop spindle over the last few months..but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about it.
I'd just like to show you my progress.
Above, is my first completed attempt...hmm....

Above, is the next attempt that was completed, you can see I'm having trouble with my plying....
(anybody got suggestions of where I'm going wrong?)

Above is my very latest attempt...I admit, I'm much happier with this.

The latest attempts of spinning are much neater and consistant, I'll have to wait and see what it looks like when plyed etc..
I've read books, watched videos and practiced and I'm hoping if anybody has any suggestions about plying please leave me a comment.
How do you ply?

Right, on to some knittery
below, is a completed scarf.
The pattern is here
The stitch was easy and, I think is very effective. It produced a lovely dense, woven feel.
The yarn was bought back from New Zealand by my son a couple of years ago....it has 75% Merino,15% Alpaca and 10% Possum and feels incredibly warm. The maker is Karamea.

my work in progress...
the wonderful Viajante....
I'm just about to start my third (and last)100gram ball of Regia Lace.
It's so long and very difficult to photograph.
I'm enjoying this easy knit and am looking forward to wearing it soon (hopefully!!)

And lastly....
my cardigan...
don't ask...
Hope you've enjoyed this catch-up
Have you any words of wisdom about drop spindle spinning?
Or plying?
Have you got any projects tucked away that you can't face??
Tell me, tell me!!
Take care
I’m linking up with Sarah’s Spinning Show & Tell.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


a trip
to visit
my lovely son in London
and those pesky girls in Surrey
 My son is relocating to York soon
 so this was my last walk around the area where
he and his wife have lived.

 Then, on to Surrey

 This summer Lirys has learnt
about the cycle of seeds to food, she has thoroughly enjoyed
these lessons and it's a joy to watch her  taking such pride
in the garden she has made with her mummy.
It was difficult getting the beans, peas and carrots
into the kitchen and on the plates...they were often munched  way before then.

 On the morning of the day that I left,
I sat in the park, discussing the meaning of life
over a strawberry (the very very best!!) ice cream,
while I marvelled over the green-ness and the huge trees
with the most beautiful and bright little girl  x
 Have you sent or received any postcards recently?
Are you going on holiday soon, or where have you been?
Do you miss grandchildren??

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer Night.....Festival Season...

If your name is Evi, Evita, Vivian, Voula, Paraskevi, Veti,     Congratulations!!( κρόνια πολά )
Here on Crete it was your name-day yesterday, big celebrations in your year, bigger than your birthday!!
We have a church for the saint of Pareskevi (Παρασκεβή) in our village,
so last night was our festival night.
Normally, the village is a sleepy little place, most of the inhabitants are asleep by early evening.
Not last night...no...
the old school playground was filled to the brim with tables and chairs, hundreds of them!!
Of course things don't kick off until 21.00 to 22.00
We all enjoyed a wonderful meal, loads of μεζέδες (starters) and 
then 'pork from the oven,'  'chicken in wine', 
vegetarian bean dishes....
wine, beer, water...
A popular tipple at these occasions is a bottle of whiskey...costing 50 euros a bottle..
The music played on and the ladies got up and started 
dancing, wonderful to watch!! 
Give them a while and these chaps will be strutting their stuff..
While some just prefer to 'people watch'
These girls make it look so easy but as the tempo hots up they become whirling dervish..
The band played on, typical Cretan music played on 
a lyra
and an 'askomandoura'.....a type of bagpipe, made from the skin of a goat or sheep..

The evening was good, enjoyed with friends.
We walked home after one o'clock, as Geoff was working this morning
As we walked up the hill, we were passing groups of more people going down to start their festivities...
I woke at 0400 and the band was still in full flow..
and I suspect there was still dancing ............

Today (27th July) is 

Have you ever been to a Greek Night? have you tried Greek dancing?
Please, tell me what you thought about them..

Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Scenic Route Home.

 Hello there,
                                                I have a choice when driving home from work.

My village is perched on the side of a mountainside.

  I can take the National HighRoad or take the old road and take a leisurely drive and admire the countryside.
   Many people don't realise how mountainous Crete is.


Guess what....???
I'm going to try and get blogging again, just thought I'd test the water with a few photos..
Tell me what you think.
I've just got to try and work out how I can blog about my crafts and our life here on Crete.