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Married to the lovely Geoffrey, my soulmate. I have two fantastic big kids,both married, whom I love and miss every day I'm not with them, but I know they're living and loving their lives and we make up for time when we get together.I now have three granddaughters too...

Sunday, 31 August 2008

A Dying Breed

Sadly, you see less and less of these creatures around the lanes.

Old work-horses carting sacks and anything else you can think of until they are of no use, then disposed of in the most dispicable ways.

A wish come true????

When I woke up to this vision, I really thought my wishes had come true.

A donkey, on my door step, loose!

But no, he had just broken loose from where he had been tied by the church. Nobody seemed very bothered and I wish I had had somewhere to take him.


We are both advocates of healthy living and have used a juicer for many years. Sadly, the juicer we brought over from Cornwall was slowing down, so, when we saw this....
we were very pleased. Shute large enough for whole apples and the jug for the rubbish is plenty big enough. so, I shall be perusing Jason Vale's books once again

Friday, 22 August 2008

Micro Spiti

I'm doing my best, honest! And I know Geoff drives all day, but it's hot! So I've painted the shutters and I've varnished the wood lintels.

Full Moon

Moon-rise late at night.
Two swim in the cool dark sea,
Whispering softly

Most full moons through-out the summer we head off at night for a wonderful swim under the rays of the moon. This month the sea was like a mill pond and warm as a bath.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


This is the cover of a book that my daughter bought for me when I told her I was going to have a go at quilting last year.
I was really pleased with it until last week..I'd carefully followed the instructions for the quilt opposite, making 80 nine patch squares as instructed.
I've now discovered, after counting the squares in the photo I need 134!! I've not got enough fabric to make any more!!
I'm not happy.


Ah,, Last night 8 of us went to Agios Nikolaos to the outdoor cinema to watch Mama Mia! It was a delight. To sit outside in the cool evening air and watch such a lovely, feel-good film was wonderful. They also have a bar.... civilised or what! As Geoff was late getting back we hadn't eaten so we quickly went back to our village where Nikos was still up to his ears cooking souvlaki. The Athenians descend on us for August so Nikos does a thriving trade with chairs and tables filling the street.There's no menu, very cheap and the ultimate in fast food. We finally arrived home after midnight.

Gardening Club

Last Sunday was our monthly Gardening Club meeting.
It's a bit of fun and helps many of us who have no experience of growing things in this climate.
Also some of us are wondering what to do with those olive trees, orange trees, lemon trees, almonds, pomegranates etc. When do you water, prune,feed??
Geoff and I try to grow plants, flowers and vegetables that are drought friendly. I don't agree with growing things that need too much water when we live on an island that hasn't had rain since May. I certainly can't understand why anybody would try or even want a lawn here. But some do, you see them watering morning, noon and night, wasting precious gallons.
Anyway, so a group of us meet in a lovely taverna in a small village called Panagia in the Lakonia area.
We've had talks on various subjects which included bee keeping, and teaching art. We've been on a trip to a pottery in the Thrapsano region where they throw those wonderful Cretan pots for the garden.
This month's meeting was eclectic, discussing organising another trip, maybe to the observatory or the aquarium. I asked everybody if they would e-mail me their favourite seasonal recipes so Russell and myself could have a go at making a calendar.
Of course to end the afternoon we have to stop and have some mezedes and a drop of wine.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Scrumping and gifts

The Cretan people are, on the whole a
very hospitable lot, look at all these tomatoes we were given yesterday and that was the second huge bowlful in the last week. So I've been busy making chutney, sauce etc.
The other photo is of some of the tastiest figs we found whilst walking Jose one evening, slightly out of focus, I know.

Most evenings, when Geoff arrives home after a hard day driving tourists around on a Jeep Safari we head to the sea for a lovely warm swim. Across the Mirabella Bay is Kavousi and the Ha Gorge.