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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lime Wash (Asvesti)

I'm often asked why are Greek trees painted with white paint,

It's lime wash and the villages are being tidied up for this special weekend.

I caught this chap painting the church yard walls this morning, he'd already done the trees above.

Lime wash is used to freshen everything up , it's also an insecticide, it's cheaper than paint.
You buy it in powder form, ready mixed or still in large pieces which you soak in water.
A man comes around the village in a van and informs everyone through a loudspeaker that he has asvesti for sale.

The villagers generally take charge of their part of the village, weeding and tidying outside their homes and then slapping some of the milky substance around.

Our house is painted with it too....
it lets old houses breath and I believe is getting more popular elsewhere.
You can add a stain if you prefer. Each layer hardens into a solid waterproof covering
and it's much kinder to the environment.
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Friday, 8 April 2011

Snail Mail....

I joined Emily from Mousy Brown's House in her Snail Mail Swap last year.
My month was February, which, when I joined was 'next year' and a long time away..
Emily, being much more organised, was true to her word, so look what came winging it's way to me at the end of February..
It's a beautiful Valentine inspired paper cut picture..which Emily is so clever at making.
It will be framed and hung on a wall here so I can admire such a lovely work of art, made specially for me..
Thank you Em, hoping you get my package very soon..