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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What Have You Been Up To???

I see this gorgeous bush each time I go to my Zumba class

Lily likes to find a cool place to see

Geoff spent some time dusting the vines with sulphur (the traditional way, of course..by filling a pop-sock with the sulphur dust, tying said sock to the end of a stick and dust!)

I've loved perusing my new books and practising making flowers.

Here's my completed shawl

I've used these steps often

oh, and this is Jack, isn't he gorgeous? He's joined our little family

I visited a green fair in Heraklion with a friend...just look at these huge chuncks of soap

and these interesting fruits

oh, and I squeezed in lunch and a lovely walk around a village near here called Forni

I'd love to have a courtyard which was covered like this...so cool

We're are still having odd weather, it rained a couple of days ago and we've had incredible wind for about a week now causing huge waves at one of my favourite beaches.

Lastly, we are still enjoying our get togethers, which consist of a little sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and.....eating cake!
What have you been up to??
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Friday, 20 May 2011

A Day with Donkeys...

A couple of days ago, Chris and I went off for the day to visit Suzanne and Alistair, they are friends who run 'Walk With Donkeys', a sanctuary for injured, unwanted, old or neglected donkeys. I have blogged about the once before. This time we were delivering some cuddly hand-made donkeys...

..which Chris, Sylvia and Joyce had made for the shop.
Over the last 6 months I am responsible for Suzanne and Alistair aquiring their last 2 donkeys..


and,last week..Joy............

The sanctuary nestles in the rugged mountain crops above Ierapetra on the south coast, it a very special place.

We spent a wonderful few hours with these fabulous animals, each one has a completely different identity, some quiet, some wanting attention and some, just doing their own thing

Chris found a friend in Loukas, he realised she had carrots so followed her everywhere!

We were made very welcome and it seemed donkeys were coming out of bushes to say hello.

Suzanne had us working, brushing several of the donkeys but we enjoyed it as much as the donks obviously did!

It's so nice to see these old animals living in such a happy home after all they've been through.
Some have been mistreated or tied up for many years...some have been left because their owners have grown too old to look after them.
When I moved into our village, there was 3 donkeys living and working around the olive groves, but in 3 years it has dwindled to just 1. The older residents of the community are dying and the younger folk don't have the time to care for these creatures.
The sad thing is though that many of the donkeys are sold to the meat wagons that drive around and buy old donkeys, they then go to be fed to circus animals... but I've also been told that some end up in Italy being made into salami, perish the thought!!! Gross!!!

Isn't it much better that they end up in places like this, with loving, patient, people like Alistair and Suzanne?

They can be visited by families who enjoy stroking and chatting to them.

We ended our day, in the shade, drinking tea, chatting to 2 lovely people who work 7 days a week caring for donkeys other folk don't care about ..thanks Suzanne and Alistair, we thoroughly enjoyed our day and will be back very soon.
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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday Catch-up

Good Morning
Things are looking better today, my cold seems to be finally coming to an end and my head doesn't feel like it's full of cotton wool anymore.
And the sun is out ....and the wind has stopped...fingers crossed!! I feel sorry for the tourists that are arriving, we've not had sunshine holiday weather!!
The huge amount of rain has been good for these roses, they are glorious
....the perfume, divine...just like Turkish..oops..nooo!...Greek Delight!!
Can you believe it, this is the only bloom on my lilac bush...very sad state of affairs..
So, we are far behind with the seedlings too, many have not germinated
but some have done really well and will be soon moving from their little toilet roll and egg box homes to the kypos.
Oh, yes, more about the first photograph next time I think,
Take care

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dragon Arum...again!!

You may know already, if you've been following my blog for a while,
how much I love these plants...

and this year, maybe because of the rain we've had, they are in profusion admidst the olive groves.

so, I thought they deserved a whole post to themselves.....

Yes, I know they are rather phallic

but it's the wonderful, deep, velvety colour, so fabric .

The latin name is Dracunculus Vulgaris

So velvety, and the colour is stunning





(like rotting flesh!!!)
so much for perfection!!

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lime Wash (Asvesti)

I'm often asked why are Greek trees painted with white paint,

It's lime wash and the villages are being tidied up for this special weekend.

I caught this chap painting the church yard walls this morning, he'd already done the trees above.

Lime wash is used to freshen everything up , it's also an insecticide, it's cheaper than paint.
You buy it in powder form, ready mixed or still in large pieces which you soak in water.
A man comes around the village in a van and informs everyone through a loudspeaker that he has asvesti for sale.

The villagers generally take charge of their part of the village, weeding and tidying outside their homes and then slapping some of the milky substance around.

Our house is painted with it too....
it lets old houses breath and I believe is getting more popular elsewhere.
You can add a stain if you prefer. Each layer hardens into a solid waterproof covering
and it's much kinder to the environment.
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