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Monday, 22 February 2010


Isn't the internet a wonderful thing???
A couple of months ago I asked a question on the Ravelry site, of which I'm a member.
And look what arrived in the post in answer to my question...a spindle! and some roving!!!
A very generous lady in the USA posted it to me. Her name is Rebecca Smith and she lives in Alaska USA...how cool is that!!
She wrote me a note saying the spindle is a St. Helens from Cascade Spindles and the roving is from The Vichara Monastery. I can't wait to have a go!! but I think I'll be having some lessons via You Tube first.

This was also send to me...from France.
This is so lovely, it's from John and Lindsay, who are Matt's parents.
They've had a calendar made up of some of the hundreds (thousands!!) of photographs that were taken at Bethan and Matt's wedding last September. The cover is of Trevor Hall lit up and with the marquee in front

I think if you click the collage you will be able to view the individual months a little clearer.

The quality is fantastic and the reproduced photographs are so clear.
It was made by a company called Shutterfly
I've just looked at their website, they make photobooks, cards, the lot!Definitely a closer look is needed..

Just to finish off, take alook at the seedlings...aren't they doing well?

Lily was a very brave cat this week, she went off to the vets and had a little operation...
so she won't be arriving home with some sorry tale about being pregnant and not knowing who the father is. Dewi has been very gentle with her and she seems to have recovered quickly.
In total we had 15 eggs in our first week of egg producing..does that seem average for 4 hens?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Clean Monday

It's that time again..February is a busy month in Greece...There are festivals every weekend. Though alot of the towns are feeling the pinch and some celebrations have been down scaled or cancelled all together. Must admit we didn't go to any this year.
Yesterday was Clean Monday, I think I explained it last year...it's a Bank Holiday, to prepare for the coming 40 days of 'fasting', the mums spend the morning cleaning the house of all the food they will be not eating ....meat, anything with a 'backbone', eggs and dairy products. Thank goodness kalimari is excluded (a fave of mine).
The afternoon is spent partying, using up all the excess, bbqs and flying kites!! (must find out why kites, it pops up everywhere doesn't it..China, Afghanistan, but why???)

Visibility was not good to start with but as we set off for a long walk...I know, I know, we like walking!! the clouds cleared.
And so did the crowds...isn't this heavenly? 2 bays of white sand and not another person around...granted we did have to do some clambering to get there but it was very well worth it.

The sea was clear and like a mill pond, the sun was warm and soon I was paddling with our 4 legged friend
He bounded in and out of the sea..ears aflapping,
bouncing along....
quick rest...
then start again...
Dewi, behaving for a moment!!

As I wandered around looking for little gems.
Truly a wonderful afternoon. I can't wait to spend the day there in the summer especially if it stays that quiet.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Hearts and ...Eggs!!

Great excitement in the kitchen this weekend...................
Our first 4 eggs from the Dixie Chicks
and another 3 today...woo hoo!!
Of course we had to have lightly boiled eggs for breakfast yesterday...words fail me!! (Never! I hear you all shout) The yolks were the most gorgeous colour...sunshine on our plates..

I'm still sticking to my 20 Minutes a day pledge.
I've been making something for Geoff for Valentine, something for our bedroom wall.
Sorry about the poor quality photos..
each heart is a different red fabric and I've been sewing the lyrics to a Van Morrison song around the edge.. I'm a bit slow at embroidery writing.......................maybe I'll finish by next Valentine's Day.
(Geoff has promised me a small gift , that's late too, but he's been making it on the quiet.
In the last couple of years I've had a stool with a heart cut out on the seat, a wittled spoon with a heart on the handle...............so watch this space!)
Best get a move on....
20 minutes a day is a wonderful idea, keeps me motivated. Of course, 20 minutes usually leads to 30, 40..minutes..... and I knit most evenings. It all adds up.
ps. Joan emailed to say her wooden leg was playing her up again after Friday's hike...my legs don't work when I try to walk downstairs....hehe

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Mardati to Kroustas,

Since January we have undertaken a series of hikes with friends Joan and Russell.
They normally take all day and always include scrambling, climbing, picnics, brew ups, getting lost and alot of scratched legs!!
We started this trek by driving towards Kritsa from Aghios Nikolaos. Just after Mardati, we pulled over and parked in a lay-by.
If you look carefully at the above photo, on top of the mountain centre left, you will be able to make out a radio mast....that's where we are heading, yeah!!

First hurdle is trying to get through the river without getting our feet wet...
You can see the mast clearly now and the first part of the walk is on concrete and is up a slow incline

First brew up, we sit in the church yard enjoying the wonderful sunshine.

As the track gets steeper, we enter an area shaded by trees where the flora enjoy damp and shade.

Looking over the Mirabello Bay, you can see the visibility is hindered by the dust laden breeze coming from the south, giving very pleasant temperatures for this time of year.
The track is an old donkey trail and as you may have noticed has now fallen into disuse.

This part of the walk is a little uncomfortable as these bushes have very sharp thorns, note to myself...cover legs up next time!!
Soon, we are back on a wide path and enjoying the fresh air and jolly banter..
That's Aghios Nikolaos in the mist!!!!
Over there is Sandy's house...remember the photos from the last post...how crystal clear it was!!
And here is the radio mast...I made it!
Here is a Snakes Head Iris. Below, is some almond blossom, the perfume was gorgeous!

We finally entered Kroustas...the village is 500 metres (1700 ft) above sea level. It's known for it's almond growing. Later in the year, the old ladies sit outside their houses cracking the almonds open, just as they've done for centuries.
Joan's wooden leg has decided not to work at this moment!!

Geoff's legs got their first airing!!
As usual, we had to peek in to some derelict houses, I do believe that's a sewing machine case balancing on that pithoi!

Look at the colours!! And the abandoned family photos!!

This is a very common sight at this time of year, trucks over laden with olive prunings...they are taken to feed the sheep and goats.
As we start walking back the air has cleared slightly and you can see the road the car is parked on way down below.
That is Kritsa Gorge beyond Kritsa...maybe one day we'll walk that gorge.
Last year I concentrated on the flowers of Crete but this year I'm going to tell you more about the walks/treks. But, as orchid season is just getting underway, I can't really leave this out...
This walk took us 6 hours, some parts were uncomfortable due to the stony surface. We stopped for a picnic at Kroustas.
Once back down again we all fell into the car and went home for a well earned glass of wine(or 3) and a lovely supper cooked by Joan... we slept well last night!!!!
p.s. Joan does not have a wooden leg really!!