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Monday, 7 May 2012

Well, hello!!
Is there anybody still out there..?
I'm not going to start apologizing, stuff happens and sometimes LIFE gets in the way of blogging...I know! 
Life in Crete has had it's moment recently, as you all probably know, we are living through hard times and 'crisis', 'hardship'  and 'frugal' are the buzz words.
More and more land is being ploughed up, mainly in the olive groves to grow produce so families can eek out their dwindling wages.On average, wages have gone down by 25% this year...that's alot when the average wage is 400 to 600 euros a month.

Please believe me when I tell you that all this affects and concerns me..
but , this is my blog about my view of Crete, where we came and settled. This blog isn't about what I think  should happen to this country and if you want to read about such 'stuff' you'll have to go and find a more learned person.
This is about me, my camera, my family and friends and my crafts and adventures.

 Garifalia, our neighbour, sunning herself.
 Lovely time was had in Athens in February

So, having said all that...
I'll try to show you some of the crafty bits I've been doing next time.
Oh..another thing, I'm off to Surrey on Wednesday, grandchild number 2!! is about to arrive...
so, if you're really lucky..you'll have some photos of  big sister Lirys and a teeny tiny new baby....
Take care
ps.. if anybody does read this, could you possibly leave me a message..just so I know I'm not talking to the wall..