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Married to the lovely Geoffrey, my soulmate. I have two fantastic big kids,both married, whom I love and miss every day I'm not with them, but I know they're living and loving their lives and we make up for time when we get together.I now have three granddaughters too...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

What do you do when you're waiting..?

Hello...Yes, I'm still alive!
Just been really busy.
I'm going to do some quick posts so you can catch up with what's been going on.
So..... we have to go back to June to start..
Remember, I was off to sunny Surrey, to support my daughter as she and her husband Matt prepared for The Arrival of Bean!!
We entertained ourselves in various ways, taking silly photos, as Bethan wondered whether she would ever see her knees again...
.......cooking delicious cupcakes
.....walking on Box Hill with...
my son Gareth and his partner Heather,
it was lovely to see so much GREEN after Crete..
Bethan and I met friends for lunch and did some retail therapy in London town,
we also fell upon Westminster Abbey, such a beautiful interior..

We were visited by my parents, they travelled down from North Wales
and my brother arrived, (he's fed up of waiting, isn't he??)
We had a photographic session, so we've got a lovely photo of 3 generations of Welsh girls.
and some of us got really really fed up!!!