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Saturday, 13 June 2009

A Walk to Remember (my Mate)

I was pleasantly surprised when I took the car in to be serviced this week.
The young chap asked if I wanted a lift somewhere, rather than sit in the garage for 2 hours.
So he dropped me at Almyros Beach. This was a favourite of Jose and mine when we lived on the boat. We'd walk to this beach on a 'pedestian only' path every day, then Jose would run up and down the beach while I threw sticks and beachcombed. Of course, it's covered in sun beds and umbrellas in the summer months but we'd be up extra early and sneek on at 6.30 am. before all the sun worshippers arrived.
That's Aghios Nickolaos in the distance and you can see the masts of the yachts if you enlarge the photo. I felt rather sad as I walked along, still expecting to see the little white mutt come running up to me. But the view is stunning and I love walking by the sea.
Looking back to where I'd started.
There's a beautiful cove along the way, a little stony for some but that means less people!
This taverna is new, wasn't here when we walked along here!

Looking over a fence I noticed this cockerel eating last nights left-overs from a cafe.

Now, talk about secluded! these 2 have found a lovely little spot, you can find these gorgeous spots if you have a dinghy. Maddie!!

These chaps must have been extremely important!! Fantastic views from the dead centre of Ag Nik!!
Bit too hot for Crazy Golf.
Well, we're nearly there now. This is Ammos Beach, one of the town's beach's, it's lovely and clean, close to loads of cafes, taverna and amenities. This is where I used to swim when I lived in the marina as it's next door.
I used to swim around that break-water.
I'll leave you now, time for a cold drink before I do some shopping and pick up the car.
Hope you visit again soon!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday Shoot Out

Things beginning with M
That's the subject for the 'Friday Shoot Out'
So, first photo, above, is My Mountain Village (but also, for the eagle eyed amongst you, there's a M in them there mountains!!)
Second, above, Manifold. This is the contraption that all the water pipes from the main supply start from to water everyone's vegetable plots. Each has a water meter and a lock.
Next is Marble, this is embedded in our front door. It's a very old hand-made marble and glows when the sun shines through it. The shadows are the grape vine outside.
Lastly, this is Maria, with her sisters, chatting in the courtyard.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Flying By

I can't believe how time is flying by...
I've got photos from Dubai that I've still not downloaded.
We've done some hill walking recently behind our village so I've got some lovely views to show you...
Can you guess what the first photo above is?? Yes, of course, they are carob pods. They'll turn brown soon. I heard them described as 'donkey's chocolate'.
This is my attempt at a typical Cretan recipe...it's hortopita, a wild greens pie! I found the recipe on Organically Cooked
Maria lives in Crete, but on the opposite side from me, in Hania.
A neighbour gave my a huge carrier bag of vlita, which is a wild green that grows here, it's very nutritious and grows everywhere. I added fennel, mint, oregano, onion and misithra (a cheese that's similar to ricotta) The pastry is filo and I threw some seeds on top. Very easy and it tastes divine. I made 2... one is in the freezer but I don't think it will be there long.
More food, gosh, what's up with me?? Must be hungry..
This is an example of the mezedes you would get at Nikos's when you order a jug of wine. There's dolmades, fava, pork in tomato, mixed vegetables, garlic toast and a salad, most of this is from produce that has been grown by Nikos's father. Imagine, a couple of jugs, with this amount of food each time, then you have greek salad, souvlaki, chips.... The bill for this feast, including a couple of rakis and fruit, for 4 is approx. 26 euros. Not bad!!
Need abit of a sit down in the shade now.
Believe it or not, this is our equivelent of the garden shed, ha ha!! There's still some oranges at the top of that tree.
Can you see my hammock chair? Well, you need a snooze after all the weeding and watering.
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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Local Transport

The temperature yesterday was in the 30's,(85f+) rather hot and sticky.
But this dear neighbour is still covered head to toe in warm black woolies, including Nora Batty stockings/socks gathering in folds around her ankles. The donkey, carrying fodder back to it's home.
Although if she was a man... she'd probably be driving around in one of these delightful vehicles. They are all the rage here, you're absolutely nobody if you don't have one, dahling!! This one is seen being driven around Houmeriakos every day. Notice the stone in front of the front wheel, just in case!!
They're very helpful for getting up some of the steep hills, but not so good at cornering.
This is very smart, just look at the awning! Yes, I know it's a rotivator with a trailer on the back, but I want one!! They are like hen's teeth to get hold of.
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The End of a Beautiful Day

Time, as usual is flying by...
This is the afternoon of the last post.
Sadly, my camera battery died whilst I was taking all the photographs up at Katharo, so these were taken with my phone camera. Hence they are not as clear.

We walked beside the sea, taking in the gentle lapping of the waves and the crystal clear sea.
We're so lucky to live on such a diverse island, all those wonderful flowers and such a vista in the morning.
Then a quick drive down to the coast and just look....
Yes, that is Geoff on his hands and knees, he spied 2 parrot fish lying on the tiny jetty. Whether the fisherman forgot them or what, but it did seem such a shame they'd been left. There was no one around. No, we didn't take them.
Finally, we had a much needed swim here, from this tiny cove, not another soul around, it was delightful.
Dewi had his first ever swim too, took to it like a duck to water....so to speak!!
Well, no, of course not!!...you didn't really expect photos of me... with my swimming costume on, did you???
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