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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I Won................


I won, look what I won, look, look, look!!!

Jan from

celebrated her first year in blogland

and I won................................
come on Elpida (post lady) stop nattering and hurry!!

Dog sitting

This is Oscar, friend of Jose. His owners have had to go to the UK for a week.
So we've moved in, to care for him and make sure he's not lonely.
He's getting on in years now and has problems with mobility.
But he still keeps Jose in check.
He's very good and no trouble, not too keen on his meal last night but that's to be expected.

Love to hear some of your suggestions of what they are saying to each other in this photo!!!!
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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Quilt catch up

As promised yesterday, here are my quilt pieces. I've only got 70 more to do, by hand, which is something that I'm not too quick at!!!
We'll see, maybe it'll become a single bed cover instead....
I'd also like to introduce my friend Jenny to you, www.littleoverliving.blogspot.com Jenny and her husband are renovating a house near us but live in England. Having made a very small quilt in the same style of Jenny's, I know how much work goes into it.
Also, I have amended Harriet Beesely's address www.thesquarequiltingcircle.blogspot.com

Friday, 21 November 2008

A Walk Through the Olive Groves to Houmeriakos

Geoff took the car on Thursday so I walked to Houmeriakos.

Even though we are in the middle of November, the veggy plots are looking good

and the oranges are so colourful.

There are many of these small windmills around here but only a handful are in working order sadly.

These chaps look like they're having a great time, shame the rest of the taverna is empty!

Some of the older olive trees are amazing, very sculptural

waiting to be sketched and painted sometime..

The olives have enjoyed the rain we have been having over the last week. They are swelling really well now and should be ready to be harvested in January.

Look at this... okra! Well, the last few left on the plants.

Not far now, I can see Houmeriakos through the groves.

These are the seed pods of the oliander.

The Byzantine church being renovated at the bottom of the village

Some lovely spots of colour

as we head into the warren of buildings

Something that really makes me laugh is the house numbers

on the right of the picture, 3 different numbers, 2 scratched off!

and here too, why?

Quilting morning

Had an enjoyable morning with Chris and Sandy,
above, is Sandy's first steps to making some quilted cushion covers.
She didn't want me to include this photo but we'll watch how she progresses.
And this is Chris's first attempt at a landscape scene for a wall hanging, during the morning she added netting and will include some embroidery. Her inspiration came from a photograph she took of the local countryside and sea.
Chris's quilt, she's standing behind it, holding it up, is now waiting to be backed. It is looking really nice and colourful. We all decided that it would look good with a narrow binding around it in the lightest of the yellow fabric.

Typically, I forgot to photograph my pieces!!
I'll do it tomorrow and include them then.
I was too worried about my temporary filling falling out of my tooth again. Yannis, the dentist, was in a much better mood today. He said his day was falling into place very well, his patients were actually arriving on time, so he was happy. Hooray!!
Had an email from Harriet Beesely today, she's started a blog called http://www.thesquarequiltingcircle.blogspot.com/ and would like some input from quilters around the world......
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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Jose's 5th Birthday Portrait.

Here's the boy, he's sailed the seas, roamed far from his native home.
He's full of spirit and loves to walk and walk.
He's our favourite mutt even though he barks( and barks!!)
He's very good company and very sensitive to my moods.
He's 5 this week and we've loved every moment he's been with us.
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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A Little Taster

For those who are still following the village wine post.
Here are our friends' attempts of wine making,
Starting from the left, the first is Jan and Bill's, second is Joan and Russell's then lastly, ours.
We had a taste test at the week end, it was very close but, lo and behold!! we won!! The middle one has a wonderful colour but the taste was rather bitter.
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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The End is Just Around the Corner!! Yippee!!

Poor Geoff's knees are sore, but,look!

Around the corner, there's the finish line! He's just got to get passed the bathroom, (already done!) down a step, and into the snug. There's the door, he'll be finished by the week end??
Well, maybe, but we're off to Athens on Thurs., for the day.
Here's a link to an important site I would like you all to look at. It's rather appropriate after Billy Biarum's post.
Ok, when you get to the petition.com site, type in 'Save the Cretan Landscape' in the box marked 'Find a petition'.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Annual Search for Billy Biarum

Sadly, due to work commitments, (tiling the house takes precedence to everything at the moment,) these photograghs were taken of last years expedition. But believe it or not, weather conditions are very similar.
A group of us gather at Aghios Ioannis point above the island of Spinalonga. It's a barren and windy area on the best days!

We are in search of a tiny endemic plant.

It's very rare and difficult to find. But we know it's here somewhere!!

It's called Biarum Davisii, it's approx. 2inches tall and lives a very lonely life.

They are endangered and this is one of the only areas it grows in the world we are there to make sure it's not been destroyed by development or fly tipping.

You can see how small it is in comparison to my boot.

They are propagated by ants and only flower for a few days.

In times past, they were used to induce abortions.
I love this little flower, it's full of character, they are like hooded monks.
Crete has about 200 species of endemic plants, many of the orchid family.