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Saturday, 26 December 2009


Christmas Day 2009
Geoff joined a group of friends for a swim at Potamos Beach, Malia.
The sun was shining and the sea was like a millpond!!
He described it as 'bracing'.
My friend Chris's husband Jeff also took the plunge, along with Jane.
Jane also entertained us with carols played on her cello.
Sandy, Chris, Geoff and I then set off for our alternative day.
We found a gorgeous little church tucked into a cave, halfway down a cliff facing the sea. We brewed up the camping kettle and settled down to eat Homity Pies, butterfly cakes and mince pies.
The view from the church was tranquil, just the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore and the distant sound of the goats' bells jangling as the goats scampered precariously on the rocks above us.
We ambled back, stopping to explore a tiny cove which we will be revisiting to gather driftwood and pebbles (more later!)
On arriving home, we enjoyed a marvelous feast that Sandy had brought with her, which consisted of delicious mousaka and a stunning apple and mincemeat crumble with home made custard....along with ample alcohol.
Another Christmas adventure with Sandy and Chris,
enjoyed by all !!
How was your day?


Maria Verivaki said...

homity pie - that looked delicious; ingredients, please!

season's greetings!

Calico Kate said...

So so so pleased to see you back on line. I've had such a lovely catch up.
Congratulations on soon becoming Granny - How exciting!
Love your knitting projects, whilst I wouldn't be able to do it - I cant read knitting patterns - that shrug/jumper thingy looks gorgeous.

How amazing to be able to go swimming on Christmas day in the sea! We are still frozen and snowy here. My brother phoned yesterday and said he was in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops and it was too hot they were thinking of having a dip in the pool after their barbeque! He is in Angola. So odd to hear him so clearly yet hear about a completely different world/life. Rather like yours.
Wishing you very happy seasons greetings.
Much love

Mim said...

Sounds like a lovely day, I would love to go swimming in such gorgeous water

sukipoet said...

different and delightful

Blu said...

what a fabulous day, ours was quiet but pleasant, best wishes Blu.

Ivy said...

Seems like a fun way to spend Christmas. The weather is just great and if I lived next to the sea I wouldn't mind a dip. Happy Holidays.

bethan said...

Geoff looks frozen! Homity pies look as good as they did when they were 'tea' in years past.. yum.
BBQ went well with us and Nigella's red onion and pommegranet relish will be made again

Daisie said...

We had a lovely day, thank you!

Those homity pies look soooooo good and I haven't had one for years, will be off to hunt me a real homity tomorrow (Dad always said he killed the homities himself when we were kids, made it taste better)!


MyCretanlife said...

Looks like you all had a great day. Geoff was brave going for a swim. your alterative Christmas looked like fun too. Pleased you all had a good one.

Attic24 said...

Jude, your day looks absolutely heavenly....ahhh I do LOVE eating picnic style!
Glad you had a wonderful celebration...0oh and HUGE congrats on the baby news too, very excited for you!
Wishing you a happy New Year

Clare Wassermann said...

gosh what a stunning Xmas! I love the swimming Santas! It looks like you really had some true meaning to your holiday day xx

Chris Daly said...

A Very Merry Christmas to you and Geoff! Love, Chris

Katiejane said...

You two enjoy the most interesting celebrations! I love reading about your unique, but simply sincere adventures. You know how to celebrate the basics of tradition and I really like that. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

What a lovely Christmas! Those pies look yummy.

maddie said...

What a fantastic Christmas! I particularly admired Geoff's washboard stomach...
God bless for 2010. xx

Nutty Gnome said...

I LOVE homity pies!!!
It looks like you had a fun Christmas Day ....so did we once we'd battled across Northern England through snow and icy fog on Christmas Eve to get to my brother's house.

Have a very happy, healthy New Year.
Nutty :)

menopausalmusing said...

Loved the Santa hat bobbing in the sea, made me roar with laughter. What a wonderful alternative way you spent Christmas! Just brilliant! :O)

Cheryl said...

What a fantastic and unique way to spend Christmas. I love it...
I wish you all the best in the new year Jude!

Sue Pinner said...

Hi Jude....will do a review of the books for you as and when they arrive no probs
the Crochet wraps and throws l decided was a good buy about 25% of it l wouldn't use so thought 75% useful l thought pretty good lol

Your Christmas looked fabulous sunshine..wonderful!

bindu said...

Your Christmas sounds idyllic. And all that food looks delicious.