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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Some Wonderful News...

Remember this glorious day??
Bethan and Matt's wedding day in Sept?
Guess what? They are pregnant.....
Hoorah! Congratulations to you both!
We are all so happy, it's our first grandchild and Gareth is so looking forward to being an uncle.
Matt's parents are on their way to to Saudi at this moment to celebrate Christmas with them.
I have no photos of the wedding at the moment..eeek!! as they were all in my laptop when it died.
Yes, I've learnt a lesson!!
The baby is due in June, as soon as January comes it won't be long at all!!
I'm so excited!!!
Remember the kittens we saved?? Well, this one is the one we kept..meet Lily (Savage)
This is one of her quiet moments.
Oh, yes, can't forget Dewi... he's not learnt anything yet. Saying that, he does obey Geoff. Me??? no way, he just eats my things..Crocs, boots, scark, pjs, you name it, if it smells of me, he chews it! Any ideas on how we can stop him?
Lastly, look who will be going to live in Saudi? He needs some eyes then he'll be winging his way to wait for a little friend to be born. My knitting needles are steaming!!
Take care
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Lx @ Twelve said...

Hello Jude

Well that news has got to be the best Christmas present!


Love Lydia xx

Annie said...

Congratulations. I can say it's a wonderful time....having one granddaughter of twelve months and another due in April :-)
A x

menopausalmusing said...

Sitting here with a BIG soppy grin on my face (that was close, I had written "gin on my face")....luckily I went back and read it......... CONGRATULATIONS!

Ms B. Thrift said...

great news for your family i wish you all the best!!! Lovely to see piccies of Lily and Dewi :) x

Daisie said...

Congratulations Granny Jude!!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely news Jude, congratulations! Sorry to hear about the photos though, what a drag. Best wishes. Lesley

Cheryl said...

Congratulations Jude!! You're family must be ecstatic! Just one more thing to celebrate...Yay!


BTW...what a GORGEOUS bride!

Lynn Cohen said...

Dear Soon to be grandma Jude,
You will be a mean knitting machine for six months it will get you through! And the baby time that awaits you will be beyond your wildest dreams. It can be life changing in the most wonderful ways.
My eldest grand child is 19, and then his sister is 16 and I have my twins/one boy/one girl age five. The last five years have been the richest years of my life!!!
Hugs, from Grandma Lynn

Katiejane said...

Congrats to you all! Looks like it will be a beauty of a baby.
Happy Holidays to you all.

Mim said...

Lovely! congradulations

Chris Daly said...

How exciting!!! Congratulations to you all.

About Dewi, some dogs are easier to train than others. In the US the pet store sells large "bones" made of rawhide. When our last dog was teething we gave him these rawhide bones to chew on (one at a time). Whenever he would chew on the wrong item, we would tell him a very stern "NO" and them give him the rawhide bone to chew instead. They can be a little costly but it beats replacing items around the house. Our old dog ate an entire Danish Modern chair when we went on vacation. I do still miss the dog more than the chair...

maddie said...

Wow, they didn't waste much time. How lovely! Congratulations to all. I expect you might get to post some photos of your September wedding around the same time as me.
Lovely to have you back, Jude.

Unknown said...

That's lovely news. Congratulations to all concerned!

bindu said...

That teddy is so cute! He's going to be a best friend to the new baby. Congratulations on your promotion to grandma (soon). I was wondering about those kittens. Good to see this one's fine. Love your dog's looks too.

Cait O'Connor said...

It's snowing on your blog!

I love the doggy photo.

Congratulations, what better news could there be? Being a granny is great... I am expecting my fourth in five days' time!

Blu said...

Hi just catching up with your blog and lovley pictures. Happy for you that you have some happy news! yippee. great news for Christmas time.
Best wishes Blu PS..Dewi looks wonderful, some dogs just love to chew!

ArtistUnplugged said...

Oh wow, congratulations!!!!! Beautiful bride, she was! What a gift! The animals are adorable....good to hear from you, wishing you the very best!

Fennie said...

Hello Jude, thanks for visiting my blog. Do like your photographs and loved the sequence of church and windmills. Wonderful early Christmas present you've just had.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Jude - that is so lovely - have a great Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year

Maria Verivaki said...

good news
and merry christmas!