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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Drassi Valley Walk.

We set off to try to walk off some of the over eating and drinking we've had to do over the last few days and enjoy some of the wonderful weather we are having at the moment...it's been in the mid 20's!! Very unusual for us. Yes, I know and I'm sorry to everyone who has been suffering hardships due to the awful weather many of you are having at the moment.
Firstly, look at these!! composting toilets!! In a play/bbq area. We were amazed when we first saw them.
This area is open to all and is very popular in the summer time, there's an oven, bbqs and 2 sinks with running water. Take a closer look at the sinks.. they've been hewn out of a huge piece of stone.
The valley is full of orange and lemon trees groaning with fruit at the moment, (guess what I'll be making in the coming weeks..loads of lemon curd and marmalade, yum!
There are also olive groves here and as we walked along we could hear the hum of the generators being used to enable the electric pickers to work.
This is an ancient tree, probably been producing olives for hundreds of years. The texture of the bark is fantastic.
No, I don't think we'll climb up there today, just an amble around, it gets cold very quickly at the moment.
Back to the bbq area and the plane trees with the strange fruit. There's a source of water here which all the locals come to collect assuring us it's the best water for miles...
I'd like to wish everyone who reads my blog... peace, love and happiness in the coming year.
I, for one will try to be more peaceful, more loving and happier, I said TRY..... people who know me will chuckle at that! I'll have alot to be happy about in June when the new arrival makes it's first appearance.....can't wait!!
Take care x


Yvette said...

have a good 2010 my dear!


Chris Stovell said...

Oh that's better - it's absolutely berludy pelting down here! I enjoyed a virtual bask in your island's warmth.

Happy New Year to you and yours,

menopausalmusing said...

Loved nature's "pom-poms" on that top photo. Great to see olives and lemons in their natural habitat too. Have a Happy New Year!

bindu said...

That first photo is gorgeous! Like an abstract painting. Every time I read your posts about your walks where you live, I want to move to Greece. Lovely orange and olive trees, and that old olive tree is fantastic. Have a great year.

Lynn Cohen said...

That first photo is simply beautiful.

Happy Happy NEW Year! And New arrival!

ArtSparker said...

Lovely walk.

The word verification is "rambles"

Maria Verivaki said...

beautiful photos - we've been having lovely weather too, and spending some time outdoors

happy new year jude to you and your family

Anonymous said...

I can see faces in that old olive tree - very interesting trunk.

FeatherDuster said...

As always,enjoyed the virtual tour. How I would love to have all those oranges available!

Wishes for a wonderful 2010.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the weather in the 20's right now, it's so cold and miserable outside!

I love the way you said, "you have to do" when referring to over eating! My sentiments exactly!!

Best wishes, CJ xx

Pondside said...

Beautiful photos - especially that first one. Over here there are polar bear swims all through the Christmas season, but I'm sure none are as much fun as one on a Greek beach.
Lovely news about your daughter - nothing like the anticipation of becoming a grandmother - no work, no sweat, no deadline.........just sweet anticipation.

Jackie said...

Oh that first photo is stunning. Is a plane tree?
You certainly have a different kind of Christmas. What do the Greeks do?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jude. I've got an Olive tree in the front garden but it doesn't look like that ! I wish it did.
I'm very envious of your Sardinian warblers, I've never seen one yet and I can't remember the last time one turned up in Cornwall. maybe I'll be lucky and find one out at Clodgy in the Spring.
That BBq area looks great and I like the idea of composting toilets, I think every home should have one.
Happy 2010

Katiejane said...

I'm a little slow at movie watching, and I just saw "Under the Tuscan Sun" and the scenery was so beautiful. How lucky you are to get to live in this gorgeous landscape. I can just smell the lemon and olive trees in your photos. I'm wishing you a wonderful year, no matter how it turns out.

Cheryl said...

What a lovely walk. I love that old olive tree!
And, it is surprising to find any toilets at all near a play area!

I wish you the best in 2010 Jude!



Calico Kate said...

Best of wishes for 2010 Jude may be bring you all you want.
Great photos, love the one with little berries hanging off it I thought it was a distance one of lots of lanterns.