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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Annual Search for Billy Biarum

Sadly, due to work commitments, (tiling the house takes precedence to everything at the moment,) these photograghs were taken of last years expedition. But believe it or not, weather conditions are very similar.
A group of us gather at Aghios Ioannis point above the island of Spinalonga. It's a barren and windy area on the best days!

We are in search of a tiny endemic plant.

It's very rare and difficult to find. But we know it's here somewhere!!

It's called Biarum Davisii, it's approx. 2inches tall and lives a very lonely life.

They are endangered and this is one of the only areas it grows in the world we are there to make sure it's not been destroyed by development or fly tipping.

You can see how small it is in comparison to my boot.

They are propagated by ants and only flower for a few days.

In times past, they were used to induce abortions.
I love this little flower, it's full of character, they are like hooded monks.
Crete has about 200 species of endemic plants, many of the orchid family.


Chris Daly said...

what a delicate plant

soulbrush said...

what a fascinating post, this is what i enjoy so much about blogland, learning so many new things every day! wow! am gonna go do my random facts now and also link to this very interesting post if you don't mind. hugs.

bindu said...

how precious! The photographs - of the little flower and especially of the silvery sea and sky are stunning. Thanks for this post - very interesting information here!

Jackie said...

Thats a fascinating post and plant.
How do you protect it though?

Lavinia said...

Came here by way of soulbrush, and a curiousity about Billy. Glad I did...I learned something new and this is a very delicate, fragile looking, beautiful flower.

Lynn Cohen said...

What an amazing plant to be sure.
Beautiful really. Hope none got stepped on by mistake.

Jude, I am inviting you to come see my ETSY store I opened this weekend. Some of my goodies are on display.

ArtistUnplugged said...

What amazing pics, beautiful landscape and a fascinating flower. How quaint and odd, it's like the Hummingbird of flowers to me.