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Friday, 7 November 2008

7 Random or Weird Facts about Me

Bindu, of 'Transient Lives' tagged me a while ago, so here goes

1. Tina Turner kissed my hand in 1984 in Birmingham, England at one of her first solo concerts.

2. I would love a donkey.

3. I don't drink the last bit of tea because I still remember tea leaves at the bottom of a cup.

4. I was crowned Investiture Princess in 1969, I lived in North Wales, it was in celebration of Prince Charles being invested at Caernarvon Castle. I had a crown and sash and my duties entailed going to parties and presenting the children with their special 'Investiture Mugs'.

5. I once went skinny dipping with some friends after a night out. Whilst we were frolicking happily in the waves someone stole all our clothes. We had to all cram in a telephone box and phone the police, they refused to believe us, eventually they sent a car with blankets, but not before laughing at us shivering. Then I had to throw stones at my daughter's bedroom window to wake her because I didn't have my house keys either!!

6. I lived aboard 'Cariad', our boat for 4 years, but hate walking along a gangplank, always think I'm going to fall off!

7. I can't watch scary movies.

I tag ; Daisie,

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soulbrush said...

this is such fun, did it once ages ago, will do it asap. love your facts, soooo lucky abotut tina turner, and the one i love best is that you would like a donkey! that is too sweet for words. hugs.

Nellie's Needles said...

It's nice to get to know a new quilter. Welcome to blogland. Thanks for being a "follower" on mine.

bindu said...

Each of those facts seems to have a really interesting story behind it! How funny! When Gerald Durrell lived in Corfu, he got a donkey, and he has a story about that in one of his books which is set all in Greece - he's one of my favourite authors! These random facts are a good idea. Thanks for playing along.

ArtistUnplugged said...

Found your blog by way of Soulbrush, you've had an interesting life so far!!!!!

Jackie said...

And now Iknow another fact/. Thanks for taking part. If you win you can have a brooch instead.

Chris Daly said...

Your story about skinny dipping is so funny!

ArtPropelled said...

I loved reading your weird facts!Your daughter must have been charmed with being woken by a half naked ma. I can't watch scary movies either.