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Thursday, 2 October 2008


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Meet Katerina, one of the few neighbours who allows me to photograph them.
I visit her often, where upon I have to practice my Greek and she also insists on me being fed.
She spends all her days crocheting and she's proudly showing her latest to me here. It's taken her 2 months to do this and you can see it rolled up by her left hand. I told her I'm taking photos of the churches in Houmeriakos for a project and she says there's 10 here. There's a Byzantine one and some tiny ones and, of course, the main church in the middle of the village which everyone goes to on Sundays, high days and holidays.


Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely to meet Katrina, tell her I said her crochet work is exquisite.
Fun to see my blogs on your side bar! I love that new addition to mine as well as I know just when you've posted now!

bindu said...

Saw your message about the wood burning tool - thanks for thinking of me! Will look for info here.

Chris Daly said...

Her work is beautiful. I bet you are learning all sort of wonderful things about the area.

Clare Wassermann said...

Wow thanks for your message about my pomegranite felt pot. Could you photograph your pomegranites for me? I can feel a theme coming on.
Your neighbour looks wonderful. I'm looking forward to our Greek holiday (mainland) at the end of October - it's years since I had some happy holidays there.

Mim said...

This is such a wonderful picture, so great with the black dress and the light crochet. Tell your neighbor that everyone enjoys her work.