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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Walking the Sea-dog

Now, look at these, walnuts!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be keeping an eye on these. Anyone know how to pickle them??
And these are ready for the picking right now, hopefully, nobody will get to them before me... pomegranate juice with watermelon juice is so good for you.

Now, don't look if you're squeamish, in these rusty old barrels is what people will be drinking soon, it's this years village wine!!!!!!!!!!
Honest, on the whole it will be great,well, drinkable!!!

And this is our corner of the village, a lovely little valley which is hidden from most winds. At the moment, there are sheep and goats with their bells jangling climbing up in between the olive trees looking for some juicy morsel.
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Lynn Cohen said...

I've never heard of pickled walnuts! Let me know how that turns out. But they are delicious. These look like English Walnuts, are they?

Interesting way to make wine. Doesn't need a cool cellar?