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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Neapoli Folk Museum, Crete

Went off to visit the museum in nearby Neapoli yesterday.Very interesting. A very good, well stocked museum for such a small town. The whole building could do with some renovation, we nearly put our feet through some rotten floor boards in one room.
This photograph is of a room that has been set out to look like a typical Cretan kitchen/ living area. You still find these fire places in many of the houses here. All the cooking was done over the fire.
The lace work above the fire place is very typical too.
In front is a raki table and chairs. Raki being the spirit made from the grape must. Reputed to fix anything, drink it, rub it on!!
Here's another example of the crochet/lace work that is produced and adorned round the house, even now.

A school room, Nearly lost my leg in here, so, no closer!

The loom and other pieces of basic equipment regarding weaving, spinning and wool making.
The very sad thing is these looms are left, abandoned, in many houses. In fact,we had one in the house we bought but when we were given the keys the previous owners had dismantled it and thrown it away. You see many of the pieces now as frames for mirrors or just ornaments.
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