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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The almonds have mostly been picked and you can see them drying on flat rooves throughout the village.
The olives are coming on nicely, we willbe picking them in December/ Jan.time they will needlots of rain before then, what a thought as I sit here without a cloud in the sky.
Isn't this lovely?

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Lynn Cohen said...

These almonds remind me of my home in California growing up. We had three almond trees in front of our house. Dad used to knock them down with a broom. Mom baked some with salt.

And the olive trees again remind me of my time is Israel. My first husband who I met there proposed to me under an olive tree in Safad.

Blu said...

Lovely images it makes me feel like I am there.

Anonymous said...

Save us some almonds please. Be there in about 14 weeks.