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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Walking the sea-dog

Took my camera on our walk this morning to catch some of the gems around at this time of year, not a great deal but some are so beautiful.
Take this for example,it's chicory, a wonderful delicate flower in scrubland. Once the sun rises and the temperature climbs the flowers close.

This delicate little thing is very prickly

Delicious and juicy, difficult to pick without getting tiny thorns in your fingers but well worth it.

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Lynn Cohen said...

In Israel, where I lived from 1961-1966, we had this cactus too and it was called "Sabra" after one born in Israel. "Prickly on the outside, sweet on the inside!" they said. ;-)
I don't recall ever eating one, however. Unfortuantely, I missed that treat.