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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Balloons over Llangollen, North Wales

My parents sent me these photographs of the Balloon Festival in Llangollen.
The weather was damp,and misty but what a fantastic sight!
Above is a photo of the old railway station in Llangollen. I remember sitting in school which is just above there and hearing the steam trains coming in. My mother used to use the train often, pushing my youngest brother's huge old fashioned pram into the guard's van

This is the River Dee, looking from the bridge. It's a very popular place to kayak now. My friends and I used to bunk off school and go swimming further up the river.
A view of the Shropshire Union Canal, to the left of this is the International Eisteddfod grounds.
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Lynn Cohen said...

Beautiful shots! When I was a teen I had a male pen pal from Wales! Wonder if you knew him. Unfortunately I no longer remember his name.