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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Scrumping and gifts

The Cretan people are, on the whole a
very hospitable lot, look at all these tomatoes we were given yesterday and that was the second huge bowlful in the last week. So I've been busy making chutney, sauce etc.
The other photo is of some of the tastiest figs we found whilst walking Jose one evening, slightly out of focus, I know.

Most evenings, when Geoff arrives home after a hard day driving tourists around on a Jeep Safari we head to the sea for a lovely warm swim. Across the Mirabella Bay is Kavousi and the Ha Gorge.


lowlander said...

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Jackie said...

Ohhh! Stoppit..tooo beautiful.
And thank you for your comment. I'm glad you might be thinking about machine embroidery..or have I got that wrong?

Jackie said...

Me again. I forgot to comment on the fruit last time.When we went to Skopelos two years ago we were walking through the streets of Glossa and amn came towards me with a big bag of figs. Ads I looked interested he offered me the bag and wasn't happy till I was holding just about as many as I could carry. they were the best figs ever!
When you do your machining the stitch length does vary, but it doesn't matter, you'll get used to evening them out. The slower you move the fabric, the closer together they will be, depending of course on how much pressure you put on the foot.
I am delighted I've got you going.
E-mail me if you need more help.