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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Disappointing Free Bus Trip...

Last Friday we set off for a very rare day out together in the height of summer.
As Geoff works for the Safari Club Crete  he works most days throughout the summer months.

We went to Heraklion as our daughter-in-law-to-be
Heather, had won 2 free tickets on an open topped Big Red Bus.
As Heather works for a similar company in the centre of London
and we had thoroughly enjoyed that trip, we were looking forward to this trip around the city of Heraklion

The trip didn't start off too well, we were told there was a 10 minute delay due to the amount of traffic,
the bus finally arrived 25 minutes later....
We were all handed free, single use earphones as we got on and also could buy a sun hat..which could have been handy if you'd forgotten your own as the temperature was 36 degrees.
First crackly recorded message..'On your right is the Natural History Museum'..silence..
The bus then veared around a mini roundabout and into smaller streets...
'On your right is 'Jesus Gate'...silence.... 

Then,  within 10 minutes we were turning around at Knossos...
Hmm, not quite what I'd expected..
The posters we'd seen around displayed times of 60 to 80 minute trips...
Ours took approximately 40 minutes..
The recorded 'sight seeing sound system' was virtually non-existant and very hard to hear through the crackles.
The young ticket collector could have used her  time better by making the area safer, picking up the piles of disgarded ear-phones from the floor and stairs.....instead of rubbing her armpits with a roll-on deodorant......

Do you think Geoff was trying to block my complaints out??
Looking at the map later, we noticed that at least half of the
tour had been cut out..
All in all very disappointing.
I certainly would not recommend paying 20 euros per adult.
A family of 4 = 50 euros...

We ended the day by eating at one of our favourite fish tavernas, Ligo Krasi, Ligo Thalassa,
sorry, we'd eaten most of the delicious seafood platter before I remembered to take a photo.

ps. I've just spoken to Heather and she is offering a discount on anyone booking tickets on The Original London Sightseeing Tour
 (online or by phone)
Just remember to use the code ' RELATIONS' when booking

and while I'm at it..
I've another code to offer.....
My daughter Bethan, loves
Frugi clothing.
It's a Cornish company making and selling good quality organic clothing
for babies, children, mums to be and breast feeding mums.
To celebrate Bethan becoming a crusader for Frugi
they are offering 10 per cent discount off  (except sales goods) all orders
if you use the code BETHAN' when ordering in the UK.

Now, just feast your eyes on these little beauties
my bouganvillia

my wonderfully perfumed hoya

and...the delightful stephanosis, having issued the most gorgeous perfume all night is closing it's petals....
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sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love the flowers - all my favourites. x

Lynn Cohen said...

What a disappointing tour! You'd have had more fun just going to the museum by foot and finding out what was actually inside! LOL
The story of the guide on the bus is hysterical from here in CA. LOL
Love the flowers, glad you ended with such beauty! happy summer.

MyCretanlife said...

What a disappointment that trip was. The flowers on the other hand are lovely. Hope to talk soon.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

What a swizz ! You'll have to apply for the job and show them how it should be done .
That seafood platter , on the other hand , looks perfect !

beth wales said...

is that a chip in Geoff's ear? remembering the trip up into the mountains in his jeep still gives me such pleasure-the countryside was amazing,but it was greatly enhanced by Geoff's knowledge of legend,flora+fauna ,geology and history .I'm indebted to him.Crete holds a special place in my heart+ I'm visiting again this month.Glad you're still finding time to be creative.Love the flowers and veg !

sajuki said...

great photos !
Greetings from Poland


Crete Lover said...

Thats really bad and can spoilled your stay in Crete . But at least you enjoy the fish and you took some excellent photos pf the Cretan flowers . I Hope your rest of your holidays was nice

Maria said...

The flowers look so pretty! I took several holidays to Crete, in the Elounda area. Such a amazing place. I love Heraklion too, shame the sight-seeing tour was so bad!

Markus Berger said...

Thank you for posting so many pictures. I knew the flower before but I did not know that the name of it is Bouganvillia.