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Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Day Out, Some Crops and a WiP......

I had a wonderful day out with a friend last week.
We set off early to the south coast, it was hot, hot, HOT!! 

The south coast has a different feel to where we live, the coast is basically
a flat, long, beachy, stoney, narrow piece of sandy HOT land.
It is on the Lybian Sea. 

We sunbathed, swam in the clear, clear, warm sea. We chatted and drank coffee
and people watched.

We went to the most wonderful little taverna serving delicious
fresh, local dishes. We could also  pop into the kitchen to
look at the the food being prepared and cooked.

Those tiny pebbles were rather hot...

We are so pleased with our crop of grapes this year, we've got kilos
and kilos
of them

I've also been picking almonds and leaving them to dry in the sun until I can peel
the outer skin from them.

I dug up the onions this week, abit smaller in size than last year, but
still a good crop and will last us for a month or 2...

The potatoes are good too...

My work in progress is very slowly growing, I only knit for an
hour in the evening on the balcony..but it will be ready
for autumn, when I need it.
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Lynn Cohen said...

Oh the beauty you share! I love blue chairs, blue sea, cans hanging, fish nets, stony beach, and oh oh oh all those food stuff you grow and harvest! Oh my goodness. I couldn't eat that many onions in a year! You must cook with them every day. And what do you do with ALL those grapes? Home grown potatoes must taste oh so good. What a joy to see all this Jude! Thanks for sharing.

MyCretanlife said...

Where did you go? Was it Lentas? I really am missing all that sea and sun now. oh and the grapes. Think I will just slip away quietly now.

beth said...

Your grapes look magnificent! We also have a grape harvest now...but many of them split open before they're ripe. What do you do with so many grapes???

menopausalmusing said...

A lovely post Jude. How lovely to have almonds and all those grapes. I don't think I could stand knitting even for an hour in the evening with the temperatures you have there. I took a peep at the Ravelry link and it is lovely. Definitely a labour of love!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely to see the sun in these photos and all that you have grown! Lesley x