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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lime Wash (Asvesti)

I'm often asked why are Greek trees painted with white paint,

It's lime wash and the villages are being tidied up for this special weekend.

I caught this chap painting the church yard walls this morning, he'd already done the trees above.

Lime wash is used to freshen everything up , it's also an insecticide, it's cheaper than paint.
You buy it in powder form, ready mixed or still in large pieces which you soak in water.
A man comes around the village in a van and informs everyone through a loudspeaker that he has asvesti for sale.

The villagers generally take charge of their part of the village, weeding and tidying outside their homes and then slapping some of the milky substance around.

Our house is painted with it too....
it lets old houses breath and I believe is getting more popular elsewhere.
You can add a stain if you prefer. Each layer hardens into a solid waterproof covering
and it's much kinder to the environment.
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chris, milatos said...

All looking lovely in you village Jude. Enjoy the weekend x

Jude said...

Thanks Chris...hope you're not too cold tonight x

Lx @ Twelve said...

I bet it all looks fresh & theres nothing like white paint for bouncing back the light - Have a lovely weekend...


Lynn Cohen said...

When I lived in Israel many years ago I worked for a while in the grapefruit orchards and we would paint the bottom part of the trees. I think they said it was some sort of protection but I don't really remember from what. It was fun to do though. I was 19 yrs old.

Mousy Brown said...

Do you think it would work in Wales? I could start a trend!

menopausalmusing said...

Love the thought of the man with the loudspeaker........

It all looks so fresh and bright and lovely.

Chris Daly said...

I bet everything looks so lovely and fresh. I had not idea lime was a good pest deterrent. How interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jude,

Lovely to catch up with your blog!

They do the same with white wash here but they use 'cal' which is made from gypsum, mined from the huge quarries in the area. They export it from Garrucha to make plaster and plasterboard.

I am told that they paint the tree trunks to stop them from getting sunburnt(!), especially the citrus. Also to stop people from driving into them!

It might also deter ants - I'll have to try it - they are farming a hugs herd of aphids on my plum tree!

Love to you both

Helen in Spain

Lesley said...

I love this look — I remember it in Egypt when we were on our honeymoon, and thinking how great the trees looked.
Especially lovely in a courtyard. Very Med!

Unknown said...

Hello, Thankyou for your visit in my blog. I really love Crete, and now you have teatched me about allt this beautiful white on the trees and houses. How wonderfully marvellous it´s both environmental and cheap!
Me and my husband was terrible at taking photos on Crete, I think I have only about 20 or 30 photos. I will visit your blog to se more of your island!
Have a great day,Hugs


Anonymous said...

relaxing in the sun. missing my friend. lady Di