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Saturday, 31 January 2009

6th of the 6th............................Meme of Sixes.

I've been tagged by Bindu of Transient Lives.
I had to publish the 6th photo from my 6th folder and write about it.
Well sadly, not much to say really.
I love taking photos and I also love playing around with them.
This is a poinsettia, a beautiful flaming red. I wondered what it would be like in black and white when it was covered in rain drops.
I used to have PhotoShop but unfortunately, it was lost when my old laptop fizzed and died. Yes, it did fizz... I dropped Coke on it!

I'd like to pass it on to 6 others who also love photography.

Here are the rules;
1, Pick the 6th photo from your 6th folder
2, Tell a story around it
3, Pass it on to 6 others.

I would like to tag....
John of Des Reves in France
Pipany of the Poltisco Memoirs
Kate's Corner
Sally's Chateau
Cynthia of Oasis Writing Link

Don't forget to tell whoever you tag and link to their blog.
Good luck!

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Sally Townsend said...

Hope you didn't get the winds too wild last weekend, we nearly blew away, thanks for the visit, I'll put my mind to the photograph, yours as usual is stunning.

sukipoet said...

Its a lovely picture. I love black and white.

Lynn Cohen said...

I like this photo very very much...the rain drops and the out of focus parts between the flowers petals. Black and White really brings it all out. Good work.
What a crying shame to lose Photoshop. Isn't it something you can get anew if you lost it that way?
ARGH. Didn't you have it on Disc?
I want it too.

Elizabethd said...

That is a wonderful photo, so unusual

soulbrush said...

i love all sorts of leaves, going to do my post right now, thanks for tagging me.

bindu said...

That's a lovely picture, Jude. The water drops look so pretty.

Katiejane said...

Thanks for tagging me. I'm not very good at these tag games, but I'll think about it. Your poinsietta is pretty with raindrops.

Blu said...

A lovely picture, I love raindrops on leaves.