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Monday, 3 November 2008

Village Wine.

Well; this is the result of all our mad winemaking!
It's crystal clear and a lovely rose colour. Sadly.....!! Due to still being on antibiotics, I can't taste it... but I'll let you know. We made 18 litres.
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bindu said...

wow - your wine looks great! Your initial descriptions of how you made it were really funny. It's good to see the finished product.

Jackie said...

I'm sur eit will atste all th ebetter for the wait!

Jackie said...

Well, that comment makes me look as though I was on the wine when I wrote it. I just got distracted by the tv.
It says 'Im sure it will taste all the better for the wait'

Lynn Cohen said...

Interesting color of wine. Hope it tastes good. What are others saying? Will you sell it or is it just for personal consumption.
Do hope you are well soon too.
Saw dentist today and they took xray, nothing wrong with my tooth. Said sinus could have caused the pain??? Gone now.