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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Quilt catch up

As promised yesterday, here are my quilt pieces. I've only got 70 more to do, by hand, which is something that I'm not too quick at!!!
We'll see, maybe it'll become a single bed cover instead....
I'd also like to introduce my friend Jenny to you, www.littleoverliving.blogspot.com Jenny and her husband are renovating a house near us but live in England. Having made a very small quilt in the same style of Jenny's, I know how much work goes into it.
Also, I have amended Harriet Beesely's address www.thesquarequiltingcircle.blogspot.com


soulbrush said...

this is absolutely lovely. keep going.

ArtistUnplugged said...

Beautiful photos from yesterday, simply beautiful. Your quilt today is lovely, my mother used to quilt and I know it is alot of work.

Lynn Cohen said...

I can't imagine you are doing this all by hand. What a lot of work, and beautifully done. Love those purple floral squares!!!

I left you a long message after your last comment about the apple custard fruit on my blog comments.
Thanks for telling me this name.
I want MORE. ;-)

Clare Wassermann said...

I know this is a little belated in the way of comments but I have just read 7 interesting facts about you and needed to let you know that I too was at Prince Charlse's investiture at Caernarvon Castle. I dodn't have an important role like you did but I haven't come across anyone else who was there before!!

Anonymous said...

Quilting, by hand, I'm procrastinating that very task right now.
I absolutely love the photos you've been posting :)

bindu said...

Very pretty. Looking forward to seeing the whole pattern once you're done!

Jenny said...

Lovely Jude, pretty colours, and by hand - wow!