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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Dog sitting

This is Oscar, friend of Jose. His owners have had to go to the UK for a week.
So we've moved in, to care for him and make sure he's not lonely.
He's getting on in years now and has problems with mobility.
But he still keeps Jose in check.
He's very good and no trouble, not too keen on his meal last night but that's to be expected.

Love to hear some of your suggestions of what they are saying to each other in this photo!!!!
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bindu said...

Oscar says "look what I can do!" to the camera. Jose says "Mom! Make him stop. That's gross!" :)

Anonymous said...

Oscar is saying "mmmm that tasted good!"
Jose is saying "Did you see that? Oscar just ate Geoff."
No wonder he didn't want his tea!!

from Chris, Oscar's mum.

soulbrush said...

Oscar: ' Yum Yum, it's my turn to lick the bone!'
Jose: ' Oh no, it's not, just because you're bigger than me...that's not fair.....mum....!'

Katiejane said...

"Mom, Oscar's picking his nose again!!"

Anonymous said...

"Mum, Oscar's is threatening to eat me again..."
From Jude's actual daughter