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Monday, 20 October 2008

Choir Bazaar

Yesterday I helped out at the bazaar my choir arranged. We are a international choir, singing in many languages, Greek, Swedish,Swaheli, German to name but a few.
We produce a concert at Christmas in the local theatre for free, in fact all our concerts are free, so we are self funded except the local council(Dimos) pay for the theatre and the advertising.
Everyone loves a bargain, especially books,as English books are expensive here. The bazaars are always full of ex-pats looking for books and a bargain...

The bazaar was held in the Scout Hut near the famous lake in Agios Nikolaos. There are many stories about this lake, it's bottomless, it has a underwater tunnel from it to Santorini............... who knows!!!

We raised over 800 euros and the remaining clothes etc. will be donated to a boy's orphanage and the cats' and dogs' bazaars.

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soulbrush said...

what a delightfully happy lot of pics...and what a great day you had.

bindu said...

Great way to raise money for a good cause. Interesting - about the bottomless lake!

Clare Wassermann said...

How's the weather in Crete??? We're off to mainland Greece today - near Mesini and I want some nice sun - could you have a word with the authorities??? x