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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


a trip
to visit
my lovely son in London
and those pesky girls in Surrey
 My son is relocating to York soon
 so this was my last walk around the area where
he and his wife have lived.

 Then, on to Surrey

 This summer Lirys has learnt
about the cycle of seeds to food, she has thoroughly enjoyed
these lessons and it's a joy to watch her  taking such pride
in the garden she has made with her mummy.
It was difficult getting the beans, peas and carrots
into the kitchen and on the plates...they were often munched  way before then.

 On the morning of the day that I left,
I sat in the park, discussing the meaning of life
over a strawberry (the very very best!!) ice cream,
while I marvelled over the green-ness and the huge trees
with the most beautiful and bright little girl  x
 Have you sent or received any postcards recently?
Are you going on holiday soon, or where have you been?
Do you miss grandchildren??

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MyCretanlife said...

As I said on Skype, you never came to see me, Ok I know I live a long way away from Gareth and Bethan. Maybe when Gareth is in York I might have a chance of a visit, it's not that far away.