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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What Have You Been Up To???

I see this gorgeous bush each time I go to my Zumba class

Lily likes to find a cool place to see

Geoff spent some time dusting the vines with sulphur (the traditional way, of course..by filling a pop-sock with the sulphur dust, tying said sock to the end of a stick and dust!)

I've loved perusing my new books and practising making flowers.

Here's my completed shawl

I've used these steps often

oh, and this is Jack, isn't he gorgeous? He's joined our little family

I visited a green fair in Heraklion with a friend...just look at these huge chuncks of soap

and these interesting fruits

oh, and I squeezed in lunch and a lovely walk around a village near here called Forni

I'd love to have a courtyard which was covered like this...so cool

We're are still having odd weather, it rained a couple of days ago and we've had incredible wind for about a week now causing huge waves at one of my favourite beaches.

Lastly, we are still enjoying our get togethers, which consist of a little sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and.....eating cake!
What have you been up to??
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Daisie said...

We've been up to the usual!
I love your shawl!

Pondside said...

I haven't been up to anything half as interesting. Gorgeous shots of flowers and that door knocker - love it!

Clare Wassermann said...

What lovely pictures. I think all the Cretan doors are very inspirational....

Lynn Cohen said...

I absolutely LOVE coming to your blog as it always feels like a romp through Europe! LOL
Thanks for the beautiful visuals!
the flower making book looks like fun!
Lately, see my blog, for our recent road trip I'm posting we took across five states...and...I turned 70 ...posted yesterday! that's what Im doing lately!

Mousy Brown said...

It all looks so beautiful - especially that shawl! I have stuff to tell but need to finish some crochet first - I'm obsessed! :D

Heather said...

Fab pictures! Crete is looking stunning and Jack is such a handsome devil x

Sue Pinner said...

Hi..thanks for the B'Day wishes..just been catching up
Great posts..love the donkeys and the shawl and seeing the country side and the group of crafters
having a wonderful time
Hugs x

Tickety-boo said...

Oh you are right that shawl is lovely. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog and the link to your blog. I am now a follower.
Liking your stitching group photo. There has to be cake or it's not a proper group ;o)

menopausalmusing said...

Will you just look at the face on that little dog!
Love that bush and hearing about how the vines are treated with sulphur in such a simple way.

I don't know how you can craft in such hot weather though. Here? Busy with the garden and embroidery/crochet. The crochet, however is still very basic!;O)

Penny said...

Hello Jude, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, nice to meet you. I've just been showing my husband your photo's of Crete in this post and we've both been lusting over the idea of being on a Greek island again! I absolutely love yourshawl, it's a stunner and oh dear I might just have to add this to my long list of things to make! xox Penelope

Mim said...

wow - you've been busy - love that hand door knocker.

colleen said...

Jude - Thanks so much for popping over to mine and seeing what's going on in the burgh here. Not so different as you might think really cos I have that Crochet Flowers book too and have been trying to figure out which are the easiest I can get away with.

The little dog looks a real dear. And as for the donkeys, don't get me started!

Rattling On said...

Just wanted to say I'm loving your Pinterest pictures!!
I can actually comment today, Blogger usually won't let me, it's driving me mad (and other people as well I understand). The puppy is gorgeous.

Maria Verivaki said...

lovely photos jude!

MyCretanlife said...

Hi Jude,
I have just found this post, sorry.
Nice photos and I must get time to come and see that cute little dog, Jack. He looks a bundle of mischief.

andamento said...

A lovely collection of photos, I particularly like the second one, it's like a picture postcard. Your shawl looks good too, do you get much chance to wear it?

Clare Wassermann said...

jack is gorgeous...he looks like a little scamp! I love your shawl - I absolutely cannot get the hang of crocheting...you'll have to start selling them!! Meanwhile I think you should work on getting a covered courtyard!

cottonreel said...

Just found your site , set my thoughts meandering . My husband was Greek cypriot . We did live in Cyprus at one time but he missed England so much we came back . After 60 plus years years in England he said this was home although he was very proud of being Cypriot

cottonreel said...

P,S love your shawl , I have the flower crochet books

Tania said...

Your photography is glorious but my favourite? The last, but of course! Love a knitty gathering, I do.

Eva in Athens, Greece said...

Lovely blog, Jude! I found your blog through a new follower to my blog; MDreamer! I'm adding your blog to my bloglist.
Where in Crete do you stay? We have stayed in Hersonissos for 20 years, but are now living in Athens.

lady d said...

been busy thinking about plans for the future.. kinda of scary not knowing but very capable of moving on. but where will my body guard be...he has been there for so long

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