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Monday, 14 March 2011


Pheew!! after a rather wet and cold few weeks...the weather went from worse to WORSE last week
we had several days of sleet and snow
but...we are now back on course and the sun is out and we have a beautiful blue blue sky
The colours are stunning and I shall be off on my scooter to see what's about now
in the countryside.
Thanks for everyone who got in contact regarding my 'lost' blog list. As you can see, the majority of you are back where you belong, thank heavens!! Some of you will be joining when I can sort out why I still get a message saying..wrong!
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FeatherDuster said...

Gorgeous flower photos :)

Glad you're able to recover some of your stuff. I lost ANOTHER computer a couple months ago and lost an obscene amount of info because, idot that I am, I only do a back-up about once a year. Geeeze.

FeatherDuster said...

Geeeze. I can't even spell "idiot".

Jenny said...

Oh lovely, John can't wait to get there...

menopausalmusing said...

Beautiful shots of what the island has to offer. Glad the weather is better for you to enjoy it all.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Glad that you are back to sun and blue skies Jude - and that everything is blossoming. Lovely! x

Clare Wassermann said...

How amazing to have flowers like that so soon after your blizzard! Beautiful photos Jude

Pondside said...

Ahhhh sun!...and colour! We're still waiting for it here. We see the sun about once a week and dash out to salute it!

Lynn Cohen said...

I swear I could smell those lemons and all the flowers are so beautyful. Enjoy your good fortune and weather.

Unknown said...

Lovely photos Jude.

Unknown said...

beautiful images! I really like the last one.

Rattling On said...

I think our climates are polar opposites. I'd be happy for a few days of sunshine to replace the cold, wet, winter weather...
Beautiful pictures, especially the lemons. Many years ago we stayed on a Greek island on the top floor of an old lady's house. It was in a lemon grove and a donkey lived in there as well. No need for an alarm clock.Paradise.

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