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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Grow...Baby ..Grow!!

Look at this little thing,,,dropped on the road..covered in ticks!! No, we didn't pick it up, my neighbour Leonie has taken him in.

Here's the 50 odd year old donkey that was treated a fortnight ago, he's looking well, taking in the rays in the olive grove..
I was on my way down to the kypos, to see how things are growing.
Our usual 2 eggs were there..

...and just look at these!!! in March...strawberries..yummy!

I spied some broad beans tucked away

We planted some artichokes this year, we probably won't get any this year but the spikey plants are huge and very sculptural.

My parsley is prolific...I can freeze that.

The tomato plants are thriving

Some courgettes are ready and waiting to be transplanted (or is that a cucumber? ek! Lost the label!)

There's some mandarins on the furthest tree whilst the one closer is flowering..

The vines are sprouting..gorgous colour, so vibrant.
Dewi, waiting ..patiently in the shade.

The sky was a wonderful colour and it's been warm today..this is a redundant windpump, it's such a shame that they've been left to collapse.

The field gladioli are in bloom under the olive trees, just a glimpse of colour.

A huge 'pithoi' left in the undergrowth..
Oh dear....our potates are rearing their heads out of the ground but my photographs were so out of focus I couldn't use them...so you'll just have to believe me when I say we've got rows of spuds too...


Mim said...

You truly live in a paradise area

Julia said...

Its lovely to see such an abundance of home grown things and greenery and warm blue skies. It looks heavenly - and the pup is beautiful!

Julia x x x

Maria Verivaki said...

you might get artichokes this year - ours are also a late flowering variety, so be patient!

Pondside said...

Your post today had me anxious to get me hands into the soil and encourage my garden to grow.

Heather said...

Just call you Tom and Barbara! Can't wait to come over for a yummy salad. Just need a few sheep and a cow now... Heather xx

Rattling On said...

Is a kypos an allotment?!? Whatever it is you seem to be getting some great produce from it.
Lucky puppy! So glad your friend is a soft touch and took it in, and that the donkey is looking so well.

Lx @ Twelve said...

What a dear pup! as usual the photo's are lovely - Oh to have some blue sky over here!

Love Lydia xx

Taz said...

Aww what a cute pup. Why are some people so cruel :(

Wow so much new life and growth in your part of the world. It was a lovely sunny (but cold) day here today which was nice and apparently it's been raining everywhere else :D

Lynn Cohen said...

so pretty where you are...glad puppy got a good home.

Cheryl said...

So beautiful. We can start our planting now. You've inspired me to get moving!!
Must get my plants in!!!
Have a beautiful Sunday Jude!!

mimilove forever said...

sighhhhh...I'm green with envy! I can feel the sunny warmth oozing from the glorious pix...sighhhh!!!!

Ms B. Thrift said...

Beautiful gardens lovely how spring is well on the way and you have such delicious things growing. The puppy is adorable, i think i'd have had to have adopted him with that face!

the wild magnolia said...

So glad the precious pup has a good home. Oh my, but I love the old donkey resting in the olive grove. (I would love to purchase a copy of that if possible for my bulletin board of favorite things.) The old donkey who lives far away somehow encourages me.

Your budding Spring photographs are so wonderful.

Thanks for letting me tag along on your Spring ramble.

Jenny said...

Glad to see your veggies are coming on. None of mine have come out of the ground yet!

menopausalmusing said...

I am playinhg "catchup" with your blog Jude, I have had internet problems......

Lovely to see all the growth of veg etc...... How I loved seeing those exquisite little gladioli when I visited Crete years ago, so much nicer than the big blousey things we are used to seeing in the shops.

Also loved seeing the almonds in the previous post. :O)