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Monday, 22 February 2010


Isn't the internet a wonderful thing???
A couple of months ago I asked a question on the Ravelry site, of which I'm a member.
And look what arrived in the post in answer to my question...a spindle! and some roving!!!
A very generous lady in the USA posted it to me. Her name is Rebecca Smith and she lives in Alaska USA...how cool is that!!
She wrote me a note saying the spindle is a St. Helens from Cascade Spindles and the roving is from The Vichara Monastery. I can't wait to have a go!! but I think I'll be having some lessons via You Tube first.

This was also send to me...from France.
This is so lovely, it's from John and Lindsay, who are Matt's parents.
They've had a calendar made up of some of the hundreds (thousands!!) of photographs that were taken at Bethan and Matt's wedding last September. The cover is of Trevor Hall lit up and with the marquee in front

I think if you click the collage you will be able to view the individual months a little clearer.

The quality is fantastic and the reproduced photographs are so clear.
It was made by a company called Shutterfly
I've just looked at their website, they make photobooks, cards, the lot!Definitely a closer look is needed..

Just to finish off, take alook at the seedlings...aren't they doing well?

Lily was a very brave cat this week, she went off to the vets and had a little operation...
so she won't be arriving home with some sorry tale about being pregnant and not knowing who the father is. Dewi has been very gentle with her and she seems to have recovered quickly.
In total we had 15 eggs in our first week of egg producing..does that seem average for 4 hens?


MyCretanlife said...

That calendar is lovely. What a nice gift. Must have a look at that spindle too.
So pleased that Lily is well after her little op and Dewi is been nice to her for a change.
As for the dixie chicks they are performing well, you have to remember they have just started out on this egglaying buisness. 15 sounds good to me.

Julia said...


A Spindle! What an interesting thing to receive! The calendars look lovely too, I might check out that website link you gave there, as Im interested in doing something like that myself!

Hope you are well
Much love Julia x x x

John said...

Pleased you liked the calendar.....should really have thought about it before Christmas. Most of our neighbours say that one egg per day per hen is about right.....so 15 sounds ok.

Jude said...

John .yes, if we had any more we would be egg bound!!
Julia. yes, I've had a hankering to spin my own yarn..watch this space!! for a laugh!!
Judith. 15 eggs is enough for us..a week

Lynn Cohen said...

Wow, lots of fun things here to see today. Love it all, nice internet people who send gifts, lovely wedding memory calendar, non pregnant kitty, hope she is feeling her old self soon, so sweet, and and and...oh seedlings popping and hens laying...
Enjoy it all.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Jude, the calendar's a great idea and a lovely memento of the special day. Hopefully the seedlings will grow and grow in the balmy Cretan climate. Bye for now, Lesley

menopausalmusing said...

Wow Jude, that spinning thingie looks good, shall look forward to seeing how it works.... Those photos of the wedding are beautiful. The little cat will feel sorry for herself for a while but its for the best, isnt it?

Victoria said...

Congrats on your drop spindle and roving! I wish you lots of fun and happy spinning!

Clare Wassermann said...

wow I think you'll have a productive year this year. my seeds arrived in the post yesterday. it's so cold. I'll have to wait to plant them

Pipany said...

Wow, what a gift the spindle was. Looking forward to seeing the results of your labours! x

Pondside said...

That number of eggs sounds right to me.
Lovely calendar and photos - what a thoughtful MIL your daughter has!

Sue Pinner said...

Hi good luck with the spinning
Love the calendar keep meaning to do some thing similar...looks like a fabulous wedding
Gentle hugs for Lily and hope her recovery is quick
Yes the venue was the NEC...had a great day drooled over the half million boats hehe
Spend a few pounds and enjoyed the day out
Hugs Suz x

Unknown said...

Hey Little Lady! Thanks for stopping by the "Manly Blog"! Wow! Great Pictures! We recently started keeping chickens, in addition to the goats, dogs, cats, ducks and six kids. Unfortunately, we apparently purchased a rooster and he is getting quite loud. I'm thinking it's time for a little Gumbo this next week... (grin). Again, thanks for stopping by and for your comments! Yes, as you can see even in my comments, I do get rather long winded. But that's because I have a lot of stuff to say and noone seems to say it better! (Gotta feed that ego!)


Taz said...

Thanks for your comments Jude, I hope I'll feel human again that would be great :)
We had cheesy leeks but I forgot to make bara brith :(

Chris Stovell said...

Isn't it wonderful how many connections blogging brings? I so hope Lily is feeling better again!

inadvertent farmer said...

Your seedlings are looking marvelous!

I envy you being able to actually put yours outdoors, still too cold here. Kim

inadvertent farmer said...

Oh and yes that is just right for that many hens! Kim