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Friday, 11 December 2009

Morning has Broken

As I mentioned yesterday there are a several reasons I've not been blogging recently.
One is that I've spent the majority of nights for the last 5 weeks sleeping away from home... working obviously!
I love early mornings and when you rise and have this view from your window it's a bonus, well, I think!!

Even though some morning skies are the colour of dishwater, I still find it breath-taking!!
Some are simply magnificent.
Dawn is early here, approximately 6.30 am. Which is good as I sit for ages and just stare at the sky as it changes minute by minute.
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MyCretanlife said...

Nice pictures, I don't often see 6.30, but you know that already.

Jude said...

Now you can see what you're missing Judith!!

Jenny said...

Absolutely stunning, great photos Jude!

Julia said...

Those photographs are absolutely beautiful - I love seeing images from different places, certainly beats the freezing fog we've had here today!

Love Julia xxx

bindu said...

That really is a great view. Love the filtering sunbeams.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful photos Jude! I'm so glad that you're back :)

Taz said...

Oh I do love a good sunrise. :)