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Monday, 6 July 2009

Naughty Blogger!

I'm so so sorry, It was very rude of me, I forgot to post photographs of the lovely giveaways that have been winging their way to me in the last week or 2.
So, to Elizabeth Creates, who sent me the set of beautifully photograghed cards and that little bird, he happily sways in the breeze, though he looks as if he's talking to the wall now.. thank you.
to Soulbrush, for my South Africa tea towel, thank you.
and lastly, to Frieda Oxenham, who sent me my first ATC, it's gorgeous, all that work on such a tiny piece!!
Now, look, above, can you see the tree is laden with pomegranites and it right next to my back door!! I'll be keeping a very close, beady eye on them....... mind you, none of my neighbours seem terribly interested in them..
This, this little beauty is my absolute favourite at the moment.
I bought this when I lived on the boat and it was going dizzy growing around a wire hoop.
So, a few weeks ago, yes, only a matter of weeks, we gently unwound it and helped it up this trellis. Do you think it's happy? I think it's truly, truly estatic...it's running along.
And the perfume in the evening is exquisite!!
Sorry, for anyone who doesn't recognise it...stephanotis
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Anonymous said...

I have to tell you - you are lucky that I am not your neighbor - I would be sneaking over late at night to grab some of those pomegranates! How lucky are you!

Your plants are gorgeous - I think they are very happy. Lovely post. And congrats on your gorgeous give-aways.

Calico Kate said...

Pomegranates?? - neighbours not interested in them?? I think I need to move next door. My all time absolutely favorite fruits. I am as green as they are at the mo!

menopausalmusing said...

I have to admit to still having areas of innocence.... I had to "google" ATCs.... Now I'm not the only girl on the playground who didn't know what one was!:O)

Lucky you to have pomegranates.... and I love that little bird. x

Unknown said...

That stephanotis sounds what we might be needing in our new house in Nafplio. There is a chicken hut on the land next door and I wan something on a trellis on the balcony we will be sitting out on!

Pondside said...

Pomegranates and stephanotis - how exotic they seem from over here!

Chris Stovell said...

I have a stephanotis in my hallway which I've just nursed back to life. When it arrived in March all its leaves and flowers dropped off, but now it's growing again...it doesn't look a patch on yours though.

ArtistUnplugged said...

What some lovely gifts you have received lately! Pomegranates - wow! The flowers are raelly lovely, especially the last one, it should go in your daughter's bridal bouquet!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

What a pretty plant and the pomegranates look almost ornate, a visual feast. The stephanotis is beautiful. Bye for now. Lesley

Lynn Cohen said...

lovely gifts you received...and wonderful foliage beauty too.

Katiejane said...

Well gosh it's good to see you back! I've missed you.
Your gifts are wonderful. So pretty.
Pomegranates are really popular around these parts lately. Never developed a taste for them, myself.
Hope Dewi feels better soon. Maybe that foot has a hex on it, who knows?
I love your view. Wouldn't I love to be working where you work?

Kimberly said...

Pomegranates growing right in your garden???? That is amazing, Jude!!! :) And so is that stephanotis. Can you smell it a few extra times for us? ;) Thank you Jude!!!

bindu said...

Beautiful flowers and pomegranates. I can imagine the perfume ...

Ivy said...

Pomegranates? How lucky you are. Are you sure they will still be there when they are ripe? :)