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Thursday, 5 March 2009

It was a beautiful day, with temperatures in the 20's.
Many people enjoyed the live music, free food and the ambience.
The tradition is, on Clean Monday, that the women spend the morning cleaning the house and preparing Lenten food, then the whole family set off to picnic and fly kites..
Clean Monday marks the start of the 7th week before Greek Easter Sunday,hence it being a movable feast. It's a time when one foregoes "sinful food", meat, eggs and dairy products.
Lenten food can be shell fish, pulses and vegetables.
Kite flying is a tradition in Greece on Clean Monday as a celebration.
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ArtistUnplugged said...

How fascinating!!!! I never heard of clean Monday, only Fat Tuesday. What are pulses? You indeed have some of the most beautiful countryside.....please invite me over! Thanks for enlightening me and sharing.

Jude said...

Pulses are peas, beans,you know, chick peas, lima beans, kidney beans, things like that...

Lynn Cohen said...

The food looks delicious...real Greek Olives in Greece! lol
And the people, such a nice mix of all ages...and live music out doors...beautiful scenery where you are. This and the above post full of it and so nice to see.
Happy Clean Monday! You taught me something...that and pluses was new to me too. Thanks. Lovely photos all.

bindu said...

Interesting traditions!

John said...

this lenten period should fit in well with your new regime!