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Thursday, 9 October 2008

A Day Out

Oh dear, I'm not doing well with my Big Draw.

On Tuesday Geoff had a day off, so, while the sun was rising on Houmeriakos, we set off.

We got caught in the rush hour in Iraklion.

We saw lovely renovations and beautiful countryside that reminded us of Italy.........

We looked into people's houses,

We passed tiny churches on top of huge mountains.

Finally, caught a glimpse of the sea again, but this time it's the Lybian Sea...

And there they were, my aunt Susan and her husband Paul. They were staying in Agia Galini. We spent a lovely day with them, catching up on family news, they became grandparents for the first time 8 weeks ago so we looked at photos.

We had a long lunch, and walked around admiring the views.

So, if you are familiar with Joni Mitchell's album 'Blue', she sings a song called 'Carey' and in that song she sings about the Matala moon, well, Matala is over the bay in the haze. It was a reknowned hippie commune.

Sue, Paul and Geoff discussing the flowers,

It was really nice spending time with them, but, the day flew by and very soon it was time for the long journey back, just as the sun was setting over Agia Galini.


soulbrush said...

these are just as good as any big draw!

Lynn Cohen said...

What a lovely trip and visit. I enjoyed the scenery with you. Beautiful sunset too. Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

I love this post.It sent shivers down my spine. I am very familiar with Blue..and Carey was the favourite and part of what Greece means to me..but when I was there I never had beach tar on my feet...its so clean. Although I was never in Crete.Your day out looks lovely. Would it be hot enough to swim at this time of year?

Beth said...

Jackie wasn't the only one who had a shiver down the spine reading these last posts.I had goosebumps !I'm very familiar with "Carey" by Joni Mitchell and found myself singing it on my hotel balcony every morning,just because the wind was hot.Hadn't realised that maybe she was singing about this part of the world, but it fitted the mood.Fancy that!