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Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Went to choir practise this morning, first meeting after the summer break. Great to see everyone. Inga, our leader, was on top form. We sing in her garden under trees to keep cool and hide from the sun, still in the early 30's here today, so it's very strange to be practicing for our Christmas concert...........
We are a multi lingual group, Swedish, Welsh, German, Dutch, Norwegian, as well as English and we sing in a wide variety of languages. Last year we sang a Polish Xmas song,took ages to learn!
We have also had concerts with visiting foreign groups. And we've been paid for a couple of dos!
Fame..!! here we come, anyone want a CD? I'll tell you when we release one, don't hold your breath.
It's very therapeutic, singing, all that oxygen rushing into your lungs. I always feel much brighter and livelier when I've finished.

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