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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Not for the squimish..........

Ok, so who's idea was it?

Somebody came up with the idea that what's good for the locals..is good for us.

Ian picked, we picked, until we had rather more than we realised

We washed and divided, took out the nasty ones and any little animals and insects.

Then, came the stage you may want to turn away from.......... I was apprehensive. I washed my feet then went for it. Judith and I stepped into the trailer while the men poured the grapes in.

We slipped and slid about, squashing away

It took hours and hours and we ended up sloshing around in the dark.

The chaps were at the other end filtering and pouring the "juice" into a huge barrel and believe it or not, we managed to gather 35 litres!! This is left for 40 days then bottled... I know, I'm not holding my breath either. words like vinegar and yuk come to mind. No, we haven't added anything to it.

The "must" and all that goes with it has been emptied into 2 bins, covered in water and in 8 weeks, we will be distilling it to make Raki. There will be several licenced stills around at that time. They have a licence to run for between 12 and 36 hours.

I looked this morning, there's alot of bubbling going on!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear.. my boyfriends parents are stocking up on bottles in France for when we get there in December. My folks are treading their own in Greece for when we get there for New Year. Still can't wait!

Jackie said...

Hmmm...not quite sure...as long as you don't have athletes foot....:-(
I suppose alcohol is antiseptic.
We had some lovely retsina in Symi..and Samos wine for dessert, and metaxa for, well just becasue. And of course ouzo. But the trouble with these things is, they just don't taste the same when you get home do they?

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh you and Lucille Ball! What fun!