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Friday, 26 September 2008

I'm back

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What a week and a half that was..........
We had our first down pour since April, over 5 cms. in a couple of days. Much needed by the farmers and growers. It was lovely as after a while the heat, dryness and thick dust gets you down.
We went to the opening of an exhibition of artwork at the Municipal Gallery in Agios Nikolaos with friends. The theme was Metamorphosis, a rather wide subject. It caused a few problems as some artists who thought they should have been accepted, weren't and some were accepted who people thought shouldn't have been. But, hey, what the heck,it's art. On the whole it was interesting as we don't get to see much contempory artwork here.
We lost our internet connection for most of the week, no reason, just nothing...
I caught a really nasty bug, which had me coughing, spluttering, sneezing, wheezing and all the other words ending in "ing ". Much to Geoff's pleasure I've handed it to him now.
I managed a small amount of experimental quilting so I'll take some photos and see what you think.


Lynn Cohen said...

Someone loves clouds as much as I do! I take cloud photos all the time. Love yours, love the sun breaking through.

And how I look forward to your quilting experiments! I'll be back.

Chris Daly said...

welcome back. I'm glad you are feeling better.

bindu said...

Lovely cloud photos! Ever since I read Gerald Durrell's books of his boyhood days in Corfu, Greece, I've been fascinated with the country. Must be awesome to live there!