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Tuesday, 12 August 2008


This is the cover of a book that my daughter bought for me when I told her I was going to have a go at quilting last year.
I was really pleased with it until last week..I'd carefully followed the instructions for the quilt opposite, making 80 nine patch squares as instructed.
I've now discovered, after counting the squares in the photo I need 134!! I've not got enough fabric to make any more!!
I'm not happy.


Anonymous said...

ink you should do a gooogle search of the authors, find out how to contact them and then do just that; demanding that they supply you with the rest of the needed fabric!

Lynn Cohen said...

Just make it the size it will be with the squares you have. Make it an even number and you should be fine. OR add on extra borders in blending fabrics!!! I have made quilts larger this way! Don't give up, quilting is fun and this just gives you more of a chance to be creative.

thank you for visiting my blog today and for you comment! Your blog is lovely and I will return when I have more time. Am off to the doc for that procedure now.
;-) Feeling good now too!!