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Friday, 25 July 2008

More quilts

This is a project, I think is going to take rather a long time, it's all hand stitched. Based on the cathedral window pattern. I'm hoping it's going to grow into a double bed quilt, but, I'm not
holding my breath..
Now this one is a machine sewn quilt, all the coloured fabric was sent to me by my mother who spends many months in Thailand, so most of these fabrics are colourful silks.


Lynn Cohen said...

I absolutely adore that top quilt with the windows/circles. So pretty. Take your time and it will be an heirloom your family will enjoy for generations to come.
The bottom one will be faster and pretty too.

Beth said...

have you finished these yet? added extra borders to the one with squares? Silk is difficult to sew ,even by machine, it keeps slipping so much ... are you going to tie it, or quilt it?
They're lovely ! it would be a shame to leave them as UFO's.