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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Festival Season

At the moment, everywhere you turn, there's a festival happening.
We've been to two lately.
One was in the village we live in, Limnes. It was to celebrate Agia Marina's day as she has a church in Limnes. It's an excuse for copious eating, drinking and Greek dancing. We went with friends and had a lovely time though our ears were ringing by the end as the band which consists of basouki and lyre players as well as the singer were rather loud.

The other was at Sylvia and David's village, Nofalia, in the hills. Sylvia described the atmosphere as testosterone charged when all the young shepherds arrived in their 'Sunday Best'
Agia Marina

Agia Marina is one of the Great Martyrs in the Orthodox Church.She was born a pagan, raised as a Christian, refused to marry a king, he had her tortured. She prevailed through prayer, the devil attacked but she beat him with a hammer, a dragon tried to swallow her. The king ordered her execution, many were converted as she prayed, the axeman hesitated but she pleaded with him to end her life. Her relics are in Athens and Mt. Athos, if anybody wants to go and visit....Gosh, what a life!!

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Anonymous said...

no comments? Why? .....its so much fun, sitting and singing and sharing with friends!!!
Thank you Jude